Hideo Kojima brings the definitive trailer of Death Stranding Director s Cut in cinematographic key

Hideo Kojima I had promised that I was going to assemble a launch trailer for Death Stranding Director’s Cut and the Nipon creative has not left us abandoned and has fulfilled his word. It can be said that it is a hideo kojima trailer _ because it has published it alone, as he has said in social networks.

Below you can see the content that he has created for the occasion, with a cinematographic style brand of the house. And, as always, with music as a protagonist. Kojima has an exquisite taste and here the images go to the rhythm of theme Goliath, from Woodkid .

This new version will have improvements for PS5, as environmental effects with the haptic feedback of the wireless driver DualSense , improvements with 3D audio and instant loading times. There will also be two image modes. Performance mode with Dynamic 4K with up to 60 FPS or Native 4K Fidelity Mode and with a lower refresh rate, both with Ultra-Wide and HDR support.

In addition, Director’s Cut will have new weapons and objects such as Jetpack or Catapulta , as well as the possibility of making car competitions and other triggered tests of the house. And the icing will put new missions more focused on the infiltration that will contribute more to history.

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Launch Date of Death Stranding Director’s Cut is September 24, so soon we can have tomorrow in our hands. Again.