Betting manipulation Even Jena player report inquiries

As the FCC reports on his website, the Thuringians have taken some players on the club and would have reported on obvious experiments of betting manipulation. Accordingly, in the past few days players from the regional leakor of the FCC about their private Instagram account have received a spam-like, brittle German-written message, in which sums of money were prospect.

In recent days, such attempts have already given other clubs of the Regionalliga Northeast, such as the FC Energy Cottbus.

Players are enlightened and sensitized

FCC Managing Director Chris Förster let know in an official announcement: Today we have informed the association as well as the police and of course are available for any questions from association and police.

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The traditional club at the same time clearly realized that manipulations no matter what kind of criminals are and contradict the basic festival of the sport and the values ​​of our club and trailer.

Forests added that the FCC has taken the manipulation experiments for the occasion, to speak with all players on this topic to educate them and to raise awareness of all things.

Jena currently occupies the fifth place in the northeast season.