What is Lokesh Gamer s Free Fire ID Stats headshots income and real name detected

Free Fire is a massive audience in India, and as a result, many content makers are prominently increased. Lokesh Gamer is a name that most players of the country can recognize.

A very big fan base has established a huge fan base on Youtube and currently the number of customers is more than 12.4 million. At the top, he has collected 1.12 billion views on his video.

Lokesh Gamer’s Free Fire ID, Name and Figures

The real name of Lokesh Gamer is Lokesh Raj and his free Fire ID is 220528068. There are today’s figures of Lokesh Gamer, September 9, 2021:

Ajven Stats

There are 3406 squad games in the name of Lokesh Gamer and they have 722 times, which comes under the percentage of 21.19%. At the headshot rate of 2.36 K / D ratio and at the headshot rate of 20.86%, he has 6334 pieces and 1321 headshots.

Meanwhile, the content maker has achieved 153 wins in 1533 pair matches, in which he has retained a winning rate of 9.98%. In the / D ratio, 25 99 kilgs and 543 headshots have ranked at the headshot percentage of 1.88 and 20.89% respectively.

In addition, Lokesh Gamer has participated in 1309 single games in Free Fire and has overtaken his enemies in 135, resulting in the ratio of winning 10.31%. In this process, he has deposited 2714 killings in the K / D ratio of 2.31. Of these are 792 headshots, whose headshot rate is 29.18%.

Ranked statistics

In the current rank season, Lokesh Gamer has played a squad match and eight kilometers with 8.00 K / D ratio. There is only one headshot in these degrees, which causes headshots to 12.50%.

Note: Lokesh Gamer statistics were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change.


The estimated monthly and annual income of Lokesh Gamer from your YouTube channel is $ 17.7k – $ 283.3k and $ 212.5k – $ 3.4 million. (Source: Social Blade)

Youtube channel

Lokesh Gamer has increased for fame due to the courtesy of amazing content related to Garena Free Fire in the last few years. At present, the reader will find 909 videos on their YouTube channel, in which the most viewed video has been seen 11 million times.

Apart from this, Lokesh Gamer has achieved 600 thousand subscribers and 70.82 million views in the last 30 days.

Edited by Siddhartha Satish

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