The Conway Investigation Game Disappearance at Dahlia View Takes Date

Ether One is a first-person journey video game developed by British independent business White Paper Games. It was the workshop’s debut video game as well as was initially released for Microsoft Windows on 25 March 2014. A PlayStation 4 edition was released on 5 Might 2015.

In Ether One, the gamer represents a Restorer, whose task is to check out the thoughts of Jean Thompson, a 69-year-old female diagnosed with dementia. The player must reconstruct Thompson’s memories utilizing three-dimensional simulations of the details she can bear in mind in the town of Pinwheel, addressing challenges that end up being extra obtuse throughout the gameplay, as the patient’s thoughts remain to expand more unstable.
Ether One took around three years to complete and also was launched to positive important reception, specifically for its environment as well as immersive themes, while its narrative divided movie critics. The game’s representation of mental deterioration in the Jean Thompson character was additionally praised by various doubters, such as The New Yorker as well as Kotaku.

After Ether One and The Occupation, the White Paper Games studio is only two months off his upcoming title, the Conway’s investigation game: Disappearance at Dahlia View, which will be available on November 2 on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and Steam.

The new trailer that accompanies this release date reveals an always as dark atmopshere on a climate background inappropriate for trust. It is simple, according to the retirement detective Robert Conway, _Every the world is suspicious in this observation thriller which takes place in England during the 50s. It is the disappearance of an 8 year old girl , Charlotte May, who will push the old detective to resume service and launch his own investigation into the Dahlia View community.

#Neverwinter - Level 70 Dark Elf Rogue / Restoring the Workshop (Xbox One)
Robert Conway will begin by observing his neighbors from his window to notice something in their behavior, but he will also leave his apartment to follow all the slopes that are offered to him, draw up the profile of the suspects and gather the pieces of the puzzle of the Truth, which will not happen without solving puzzles and interrogate the inhabitants carefully.


Conway: Disappearance at Dahlia View – Trailer # 2