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Again and again Gamer complain that Streamer had any benefits on Twitch. Often the exaggerated examples, but they are not wrong. But actually nothing does. On the contrary: It’s even good if Streamer does not have to work out everything myself, MeinMMO author says Benedict Grotaus.

He can only do that because he is streeamer. Either way it sounds regularly in the chats of great streamer, forums or on Reddit and even in the comments here on Meinmmo.

What advantages have streamers because? Streamer may play games formerly games, streamers get ready-made characters from the devs, streamer get their own servers and everyone helps the streamers where it works. And they also get coal.

The allegations are manifold and one or the other somewhat grows the dispute so far that a true we against the mentality arises. And fair, I have to say: Yes, Streamer have one or the other advantage.

In the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV, it was recently gone to an outcry, which was exactly the case. The Streamer Rich Campbell managed a RAID of the game after a week of progress by helping him a group of veterans:

He became Gecarried, as it is called in Jargon – has thus relyed on that others will compensate for his supposed inability and already through him. There are always similar allegations against Asmongold (cover picture), one of the biggest streamer on Twitch ever. Whether and how much that suits, once again. In any case, it is absolutely okay that something happens.

Rich W Campbell Becomes A LEGEND! (UCOB) | LuLu's FFXIV Streamer Highlights

Show me the game and not as you failed

Therefore, Streamer Bonuses are OK: If streamer can be pulled through certain content, I also have something of it as a viewer. Finally, I see what a game has to offer, which I may never quit himself.

Of course, I do not want to see how my hero fails again and again. I do not want to watch someone sticks somewhere, but know how it is released and continues. Safe, from time to time we enjoy it all to have people in failure. But if that is constantly repeating – as with FFXIV for days or weeks – then it will be dull.

Streamer are entertainers and as such they have to be no professionals. They should talk to me and give me an insight into what they do. If you do not bring the skills even to create it, please: Let them organize a capable troop that helps them. The main thing, I can watch my favorite streamer.

Then they should be better! Why? It is not the order of a streamer to be the best in his game. If I want to see such top gameplay, I look at the professionals who are usually also streaming or on youtube.

If I do not fit the nature or content of a streamer, I’ll look different. When all do that, he is forced to change his content – or he disappears because streaming is no longer rewarded. So twitch has been working for ages.

The 2 types of streamers: If you look a bit more accurate on the streams on Twitch, you discover two concepts that are successful: entertainers and professionals. Professionals show their game at the highest level.

Entertainer fill their stream with interaction and work games and their emotions to convey them. In both cases it is about to see what the appropriate game (or the appropriate category) has actually to offer.

Literally has no influence on you

The well-known content Creator Frosty often accompanies World First Races in Final Fantasy and is strongly rooted in the community there. He has specifically reported to the discussion about Campbell.

In a tweet, he says: About how to howling others, who literally have no influence on Eich, lets you look like warned blank. Just so. (Via Twitter.com) And yes, what advantage would you have it when steamer again and again fail?

Personally, I would not feel like a game at some point if I see no progress. Even less, if people are constantly hacking on me.

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Are not jealous, enjoy the content

The anger on such benefits of the streamer is often born from envy or incomprehension for the job, as far as I watched. It is excited about it that streamers are allegedly paid only for gambling and actually do not do any work.

This setting is however … strange. What exactly is good because if anyone can gamble a game in front of me, which perhaps is not even finished, or can help others?

Just because someone else is playing earlier, my game does not suffer even lower. More even: if this someone to give your opinion, and I trust her, I can better judge whether I even want to spend money on a game.

The same goes for help from the community or from professionals. Everyone has the opportunity to ask to reddit or discords for help and there are plenty of helpful players in almost all games. But not everyone wants this, because the feeling of reward and the I have made themselves will be lost.

Some of these advantages, we have journalists as well. Publishers provide us with Preview key or invite us to events in which they grind us through the game. We process this information and work it for you.

Similar effects have also Streamer, only that they have as a personal approach. Their strength is to score points by personality and one mind, rely on the fans or want to work with them. In both cases, however, important to highlight a game thoroughly.

Some streamers use the hatred of himself even quite clever than publicity:

The most popular Streamerin on Twitch is also the most hated: That’s their plan