Monster Energy Partners with Wolverhampton Wanderers Esports Team

The astronomical growth of Esports in recent years has led to massive cards, closed-end stadiums, celebrity support and celebrity investments. In addition, there has been a serious crossing in the sport since Mason Mount, a football star associated with a game team, Immanuel Quickley has partnered with Turtle Beach and Tony Hawk announced his investment in the industry. Even Michael Jordan and Kevin have made investments in the industry. Wolverhampton Wanderers, a popular English football team, announced a new partnership with Monster Energy.

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This decision shows the keen interest of Wolverhampton Wanderer for the industry because it follows a partnership with the team and pioneering Esports, Evil Geniuses. As part of this partnership, Monster Energy will be announced in the Molineaux Stadium as well as Club Training Land in Compton Park, appearing on both LED advertising panels and on digital content. Monster Energy will be used by the team as a favorite energizing drink and the brand will be presented on the team’s clothes.

Monster Energy has been a constant force in the Esport industry because it recently celebrated its tenth anniversary as a partner of Evil Geniuses, Navi, Fnatic and more. ABOUT THE PARTNERSHIP, JIMMY GOODRICH, Vice President of Marketing for Monster Energy, said: _ “We are incredibly proud to be able to announce our partnership with the Wolves and are eager to bring the same feeling of enthusiasm at the base of fans in the broad sense … on how we work with the club and fans, both in the UK and abroad, to bring everyone closer, either numerically or in person.

Similarly, Russell Jones from Wolverhampton Wanderers noted, _ “We are delighted to welcome Monster Energy into the pack as an official partner of energizing drinks. »_

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