Tommy Grupe extends at VFB L beck until 2024

The working paper of Tommy Grupe was originally dated until the end of June 2022, now the captain of the VFB remains at least two more years. An option for the 2024/25 season is also available. The new contract of the central defender is valid for the regional league and the 3rd league – an important marginal note. Because a reason to stay for the captain in Lübeck is the tried return to the third class. I would like to prove again that we can do better in the 3rd league than in the past season.

I am pleased that I will stay on the Lohmühle in the long term

2020/21 the North Germans were for the first time in the single-track 3rd league, but had to compete for direct descent. Grupe, who was active between 2012 and 2017 94 times for Hansa Rostock in the 3rd league, but still remained on the Lohmühle. I did not think about other sporty possibilities for a long time, but I’m looking forward to staying at the Lohmühle in the long term, said the native Rostock.

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The responsible persons of the Baltic Seablock are very happy with the contract extension: Tommy is as captain and with his experience incredibly important for our young team. He is a stabilizer of our defensive and has long since become an identification figure for the VFB. VFB sports director Rocco Leeser talks about a positive sign for the future. You are looking forward to many joint years of successful years.

In the current season, it does not only work well: After two wins at the beginning of the regional league season, two defeats followed. On Wednesday (19:30 clock) then the second representation of the Hamburg SV at the Lohmühle.