What is Lokesh Gamer s Free Fire ID Stats full name income and channel details came out

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Lokesh Gamer has earned a huge fan as one of India’s most popular Free Fire Goods Manufacturers. Their YouTube videos, which cover these in-game events, giaves and other topics, have received 1.11 billion joint views.

At present, the YouTube channel of Lokesh Gamer is 12.4 million subscribers.

Lokesh Gamer’s Free Fire ID, Full Name, Figures and Lots

Lokesh Gamer Free Fire ID is 220528068, and his full name is Lokesh Raj.

Today (3 September), their free fire figures are listed below:

lifetime statistics

Lokesh Gamer has participated in 3405 squad games in Free Fire. With his name 722 win, his win rate is 21.20%. He has also 6326 murders in this mode of 2.36 / D ratio.

NS YouTuber has played 1533 doubles matches and 153 Boaah has achieved a win rate of 9.98%. They received 25 99 pieces with 1.88 K / D ratio in these games.

Lokesh Gamer has won 135 out of 1309 single games played by him, which is a win rate of 10.31%. They ranked 2714 kgs in this mode, so that their / D ratio became 2.31.

Ranked Statistics

Lokesh Gamer has so far played a rank match in this season.

CS Career

Lokesh Gamer has played 1506 clash squad matches so far in Free Fire. He has won 946 occasions and has claimed a win rate of 62.82%. The content producer killed 8771 with KDA of 1.77 in these matches.

Note: The statistics of this article were recorded at the time of writing and are subject to change because Lokesh Gamer plays more free fire matches.

Lokesh Gamer earnings

According to the data available on the social blade, the monthly and annual earnings of Lokesh Gamer are in the range of $ 18.7k – $ 299.9k and $ 224.9k – $ 3.6 million respectively.

Lokesh Gamer’s YouTube Channel

There are 905 videos at the time of writing in the YouTube channel of Lokesh Gamer. His most popular video has been seen more than 11 million.

The channel received 600k clients and 74.96 million views in the last 30 days.

Edited by Rachel Simlih

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