Project G G Will not just be an action game says Hideki Kamiya

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The director of the game also promises that it will not be a niche title.

It’s been a while that the MasterMind Hideki Kamiya has staged a game, but he soon has a short break with the recently announced projekt GG It is pretty clear that the game is currently not too far in development It’s neither a gameplay (everything we have seen is a CG trailer), nor has an actual name. Therefore, we do not know exactly what we should expect, but in conversation with IGN, Kamiya delivered some short information.

In view of the fact that it is a game created by PlatinumGames and headed by the man who is behind people like Teufel can cry, bayonetta, _ and _schöner Joe It would be safe to assume that projekt gg becomes a kind Be action game. According to Kamiya there will be action elements, but that’s not all.

While Böner Joe and DAS is wonderful 101, if it is pure action games, this will not be like that, said Kamiya about how the game will distinguish itself from what Platinum called his Heroes game trilogy. Every game I do will contain, of course, carefully designed action elements, but this will not just be an action game. There will be much more than that.

Kamiya says that too projekt G.G. will not be a niche title. He explained that the Hiesenheld Schtick is very popular in Japan, but since he wants to confine himself and the game not only to the Japanese audience, the game will probably not have Japanese environment – although strangely is not sure yet.

[I] will not be a niche game. Giant herd stories are popular in Japan, with things like Ultraman and the game will have this kind of taste, but I do not want to confine me to the Japanese Hero Genre, he said. The attitude will probably not be Japan, as this could be restrictive. But I have not decided yet.

Atsushi Inaba, Studio Director of Platinum Games, also talked about the publication date of the game and repeated that the studio plans to publish it on all current and Next-Gen platforms.

Basically, we want to play PS4, Xbox One, Switch and Steam, and then of course soon PS5 and Series X come, he said. We do not know exactly when this will come out, but we want to publish it to the most important platforms.

Although a start date has not yet been set, Inaba said that there is probably no waiting time of, for example, three years.

So expressed, we do not look at something that lasts three years, Inaba said. It will not take half or a year. But as our first independent and self-published game we would like to publish it as soon as possible.

However, Kamiya added that he would rather focus on making a good game as one that can start quickly.

I have no desire to release games quickly, he said. My only desire is to publish games that are good.

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